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Humboldt Sugar Co.

Humboldt Sugar Co
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Humboldt Sugar Dram

THC Infused Sugar Sticks
THC 5mg per stick (100mg total)
20 - 2g sticks per pack

Humboldt Sugar Dram - Loose Sugar

THC Infused Loose Sugar
THC 100mg
40grams loose sugar

Humboldt Sugar - Monk Fruit Dram

THC Infused
Monk Fruit Sugar

THC 5mg per stick (100mg total)
20 - 2g sticks per pack


Made with 100%
Humboldt County Grown Cannabis

Use in your favorite
recipes or beverages

Simple to use & take on the go

Women owned and operated

Recyclable packaging


Humboldt Sugar Stick
Sugar Dram

To learn more visit:

Purple Gliss

Purple Gliss logo


Grape Tincture
100mg THC
4oz Bottle

Kush Berry flower with natural grape flavoring.  100mg that indica fans love.  It will have you in a rocking chair like Mr. Grapeman from Purple Gliss Mafia.

Green Apple Tincture
1000mg THC
4oz Bottle

Durban Poison flower, sativa, with natural apple flavoring.  1000mg with a slice of Granny's apple pie.  Stay creative while sipping this.

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