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Cosmo D’s Outrageous Edibles are designed with the artisan dessert connoisseur in mind. We are passionate about  creating delicious and healthy alternatives for people to consume cannabis. We enhance their lives by exceeding the standards for cannabis edibles.

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Cosmic Gum Drops

5 pieces (13g -100mg THC)

100MG/THC per container 20MG/THC per gummy.
Full Spectrum, Gluten Free, Zero Calories and Zero Sugar of Recommended Daily Value.

Chocolate Crumble

12 pieces (60g bar-100mg THC)

Cosmo D’s Edibles is pleased to offer Chocolate Vegan Crumble. The canna-chefs in the Cosmo D’s kitchen use Belgian dark chocolate, flaxseed, figs, Cosmo D’s outrageous coconut butter, along with a few other natural ingredients, to create a delightful treat that is both healthful and pain-relieving. Cosmo D’s Edibles’ Chocolate Vegan Crumble is infused with 100 mg of THC and will satisfy ganja-tooth cravings.

Extra Toasted Coconut

12 pieces (60g bar-100mg THC)

Coated with a delicious layer of Swiss milk chocolate, butterscotch chips, and Cosmo D’s outrageous coconut butter, Cosmo D’s Edibles is pleased to offer Extra Toasted Coconut. With 100 mg of THC, this award-winning treat is the perfect on-the-go snack that satisfies canna-cravings and relieves chronic pain.

Hazy Hazelnut

12 pieces (72g bar-100mg THC)

Cosmo D’s Edible Hazy Hazelnut contains a decadent coat of the finest Belgian dark chocolate, along with hazelnuts, cranberries, toffee, pistachios, and white chocolate chips. Each chocolate bar is infused with Cosmo D’s Outrageous canna butter to deliver 100 mg of THC for long-lasting relief.


10 pieces (75g bar-100mg THC)

Blast off with Cosmo D’s Edibles Snickerdoodle Rice Krispy. This extraordinary cereal bar combines the sweet and savory flavor of toffee and snickerdoodles. Then, for the finishing touches, it's mixed with Cosmo D’s Outrageuous canna butter and covered in white chocolate chips. Each Snickerdoodle Rice Krispy contains 100 mg of THC.

Solar S'mores

10 pieces (80g bar-100mg THC)

A delicious chocolate & marshmallow rice crisp treat.

Humboldt Sugar Co.

THC Infused Sugar Sticks

THC 5mg per stick

20 - 2g sticks per pack

Made with 100%
Humboldt County Grown Cannabis

5mg THC per sugar stick,
100mg THC per package

Use in your favorite
recipes or beverages

Simple to use & take on the go

Women owned and operated

Recyclable packaging

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